We asked Roberto Sommadossi, Head of Strategic Procurement at Girardini srl, to describe his experience with DieTronic lubrication systems.



This is what he said:

1. How did you discover DieTronic?
We got to know DieTronic through the contact with its owners, in particular with Mr. Giovanni Amato, who has visited us several times over the last years.

2. What kind of lubrication systems did you previously employ?
For coil lubrication we used compressed air systems, built internally, simple in concept and construction but at the same time very complex in the oil quantity regulation and spray direction selection.

3. Which aspects did you want to improve?
Certainly the aspects we were trying to improve were the environment healthiness, the saving of lubricant and the machines cleanliness.

4. Which reasons led you to choose DieTronic?
We chose Dietronic because it offers high quality systems, resulting from years of improvement, easy-to-use, rich in accessories and made in Italy.

5. When did this collaboration start? (Which DieTronic systems do you own?)
The collaboration with DieTronic began in 2015, when on the occasion of the installation of a system from scratch, we deemed it appropriate to equip the line with an advanced lubrication system such as SAGOMA.
Currently we own 4 Sagoma lubrication systems with widths from 1200 to 1600 mm.
It is our intention, also in view of the obtained results, to install one machine per year for each production site until all the most important lines are completed.

6. Which immediate benefits did you experience?
As soon as the lubrication system was installed we immediately noticed how the line and the machine remained much cleaner.
This was possible thanks to the lack of oil mists and the targeted spraying of the correct quantity.
In addition, the system can be easily integrated within the line, and the automatic management is also very easy and intuitive.

7. What about the long-term benefits?
The precise lubricant application, deposited only where required and in the minimum quantity needed leads to a saving in oil consumption of about 50%.
This results in a improvement of the working environment cleanliness, with less need for maintenance and a consistent reduction of downtimes.
Finally, we also noticed a general extension of the dies lifetime.

8. Are you satisfied with DieTronic pre-sales support, project development and after-sales assistance?
DieTronic team offers valuable and continuous support in all project phases, from sales to installation. In particular, the effective and constant availability and flexibilty of DieTronic technicians, also shown on occasion of recent modification requests, have been decisive factors for the success of the projects themselves.

9. Would you recommend DieTronic as Company? Why?
Of course. We recommend DieTronic because in the projects development we found a qualified company that offers well-designed and tested systems.
It’s a Company made up of skilled, helpful and open-minded people, attentive to customer needs in terms of system functionality.

10. Do you think DieTronic shares the same values of your Company?
Absolutely … The attention to the customer and the constant support and involvement, especially when facing difficulties, are essential qualities, made possible through the company organization and its people; qualities that we ourselves appreciate and share.


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