🎥 NEW VIDEO SAGOMA Lubrication System with Automation

In addition to the classic advantages of the SAGOMA patterned spray lubrication system, the latest solution proposed by DieTronic optimizes even further the system performance thanks to the presence of the automation (destacker, infeed conveyors, outfeed conveyors):

“Today I will present to you a special SAGOMA sectorial spray lubrication systemintegrated with a blank destacker, infeed, and outfeed conveyors.

This machine has been designed for a sink manufacturer but is a versatile solution that can also be used for the processing of sheet metal parts for cooking appliances such as ovens, stoves, kitchen hoods, microwaves, dishwashers and washing machines.

In particular, the use of the destacker allows for automatic feeding of the metal sheet pre-cut blanks and the integration of the conveyors, equipped with a centering system, ensures the correct positioning and transit of the sheets. Finally, the presence of a special sensor that detects any possible overlapping of metal sheets, ensures a proper feeding control by returning any double sheets. To further avoid the risk of slippage of the sheets during feeding, the system is also provided with crushless wheels.

The cyclical power supply of the destacker is settable and adjustable from the operator panel on the automation page, according to the need from 6 to 20 cycles per minute, thanks to the adjustable speed of the loading arm and the conveyors.

From the touch-screen operator panel it is also possible to set different parameters in a very easy and intuitive way: among these parameters incluses the oil pressure, air pressure, and nozzle selection to direct the areas to be lubricated. Indeed, the distinctive feature of SAGOMA is the possibility of depositing the lubricant only in the desired areas, in minimum squares of 50×50 mm, and up to 8 different oil quantity levels. From the panel it is possible to easily create lubrication patterns according to the needs: each color represents a different amount of oil, expressed in percentage, and each square corresponds to a specific 50×50 mm area of ​​the sheet metal surface. Furthermore, our systems can simultaneously lubricate both the upper and lower sides of the sheet, with different spraying patterns when required. Another interesting feature is the ability to save these spray patterns recipes, recalling them based on the part you want to lubricate.

Thanks to a diagnostic system of all the parameters of the machine, it is also possible to easily identify any malfunctioning.

At the heart of all our latest generation systems is our patented Modular Manifold, which composes the two spraying heads of the machine. The two sprayheads, one upper and one lower, are specifically closed in order not to be contaminated by lubricant vapors and can be easily extracted from one side of the machine to facilitate maintenance operations. Internally, each Manifold is made up of 4 high frequency valves that regulate the oil supply; a valve manages the spraying; and a resistance heater, with the relative control, allows the temperature adjustment. Another innovative aspect of this patented DieTronic technology is the reduced distance of only 50 mm both between the nozzles and the spacing between the nozzles and the sheet surface, compared to conventional lubrication systems where the distance is usually 100 or 125 mm. This shorter distance ensures a precise and controlled spray pattern and a reduction to the oil mist emission.

Like all our SAGOMA, this system is supplied with a Oil Mist Suction System with a high efficiency filter that allows to minimize the presence of any oily mists that may originate during the spraying.

The Wiper system is controlled from the operator panel and, thanks to its transversal movement, collects the oil drops from the inside of he spraying chamber, preventing them from falling onto the passing blank.

Concerning the management of different oils, this system includes multiple tanks, each equipped with a visual and electrical oil level indicator. The machine is able to manage multiple lubricants of different nature, such as high, medium and low viscosity products, as well as water-based oils. In the case of water emulsified products, the machine is equipped with an automatic mixing system, which allows to prepare the proportions of oil and water precisely and automatically according to the quantities set on the panel; finally, the tank for the cleaning product is always recommended when handling multiple lubricants, in order to carry out a complete and rapid washing cycle of the entire circuit before each oil change, without needing any operator manual intervention.

To collect the waste oil from the machine and the suction system there is a Waste recovery tank with an overfilling sensor that alerts the operator from the panel when the unit must be emptied.

As you can see, this Sagoma system is also equipped with an automatic system to refill the main tanks directly from the respective drums. In this case, the automatic refill is provided for both oils and for the cleaning product.

To provide a complete service, here in DieTronic we grant continuous assistance to our customers, even remotely through our toll-free number, available 24 hours a day. In addition, to ensure the continuous efficiency of our systems, we offer preventive and scheduled maintenance programs, as well as spare parts supply service for the different machine models.”


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