🎥 NEW VIDEO SAGOMA with conveyors for sectorial lubrication


Find our the unique features and the many advantages of our Sectorial Spray Lubrication System Sagoma, with conveyors:



“Today I’ll introduce you to our SAGOMA system, for the sectorial lubrication in 50×50 mm patterns, in specific blank areas and oil quantities.
This machine will be delivered to a sink manufacturing customer, but it is also suitable for more generic applications, like household appliance.

The design of this system includes infeed and outfeed conveyors, with frontal and lateral centering system, to grant the correct blank positioning during transit.
To avoid any further risk of the blank slipping, the system is supplied with crushless wheels.

To minimize the presence of oil mists, all of our Sagoma systems are provided with an oil mist extraction system with high efficiency filter. An analogic pressure gauge ensures the monitoring of the filter lifetime.

Another machine functionality is the Anti-drop Wiper system that, with a transversal movement, collects the oil drops in the inside walls of the spray chamber and prevents them from falling onto the passing blank.

Every system has a touch-screen panel, from which it is possible to set different parameters, like oil pressure, air pressure and above all to select the nozzles and the areas to be lubricated. Every colour corresponds to a distinctive, programmable oil quantity, expressed in percentage. According to the needs, various oil quantities can be sprayed in different parts of the single blank sheet surface.
The selected parameters and the recipes can be saved and recalled.

Every Sagoma is composed of enclosed upper and a lower sprayheads that are extractable to facilitate any maintenance operation.
Every sprayhead is made up of a different number of Modular Manifolds, a patented technology at the heart of our systems.
The reduced 50 mm distance between nozzles and between nozzles and blank was specifically designed to ensure a more precise oil application and to minimize the overspray.
Every Manifold consists of 4 high frequency valves for the oil adjustment; one valve manages the pulverization and one resistance with the corresponding control allows the temperature adjustment.

According to the number of oil media, our systems are supplied with one or more tanks, each provided with a visual and an electric oil level indicator, displayed also on the touch-screen panel.
In case of water-based products, the tank can be integrated with a mixing system that grants a constant mixture of oil and water, according to precise proportions settable from the operator panel.
In case of use of multiple lubricants, it is recommended to include an additional tank for the cleaning product and to perform the cleaning of the whole circuit before the oil exchange, to remove any possible oil residues.

Finally, the oil scraps are collected and led to the Waste tank, supplied as well with a level sensor that alerts when the tank must be emptied.”


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