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DieTronic SPRAY SECTORIAL OILER is a specific system

for processing blank metal sheets that are used to create sinks.

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The peculiarity is the presence of transport rollers for blank metal sheets; these rollers are motorized, both in entry and exit.

At the entrance of the machine there’s a double piece detection sensor which sends the sheets back if it detects the presence of more stacked sheets.


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Main features of the system:

  • Application for¬†automated systems¬†(blank destackers, robot)
  • External transport system with¬†motorized rollers
  • Double piece detection¬†sensor at the spray box entrance
  • Side and front sheet metal¬†alignment system¬†on roller conveyors

Among the many advantages:

  • Better quality¬†– Deep draws up to¬†15%¬†deeper, more homogeneous thickness distibution, improved flanges flatness.
  • Improved process¬†– Eliminates¬†wrinkles and cracks, reduces polishing and annealing costs, increases consistency, allowing automation.
  • More productivity¬†¬†200 extra¬†units/product change (no startup time), 10% more output per shift (adjustable on the fly).
  • More efficiency¬†– Save up to¬†5%¬†in blank size, save up to¬†15%¬†in blank thickness, reduce scrap by¬†50%.

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Our system is selected by sink specialists!

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