💦External Unit for the Cleaning of the Sprayheads💦

The External and Automatic Cleaning Unit of the Sprayheads is an auxiliary device that Dietronic is offering to its customers to carry out off-line maintenance and cleaning operations of the sprayheads that form the lubrication systems.


Its placement on a mobile trolley makes this solution versatile and adaptable for both new or existing lines. In addition, it can be designed for spray heads of different sizes.



A control panel is supplied with the unit, from which it is possible to check the correct functionality of the individual nozzles and modular manifolds, in terms of oil flow, air pressure and oil pressure.




With the Cleaning function, on the other hand, the complete cleaning of the spraying heads can be carried out in a few simple steps: the first step is the emptying of the hydraulic circuit by means of compressed air, followed by cleaning of the entire circuit with a special DT Wash cleaning product and finally drying through compressed air.



This special auxiliary device can be particularly useful if you have additional sprayheads, as it makes it possible to test, maintain and clean the sprayheads without having to stop the lubrication system and the entire production.

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