📜 Special article dedicated to the upcoming fair LAMIERA 2022

On the special edition dedicated to the upcoming Lamiera fair, which will be held at Rho Fiera in Milan from the 18th to 21st of May, DieTronic talks about the latest technological innovations that will present during the event:

“DieTronic will be among the participants of the fair Lamiera 2022 in Milan. The company, which has been operating in the sheet metal stamping sector for years offering solutions for lubrication, takes this opportunity to present its innovations to professionals in the field.

ROLL SYSTEMS One of these news concerns the expansion of the catalog of roller systems, in which lubrication takes place by means of two rollers, one upper and one lower, through which the lubricating oil is delivered during the passage of the sheet.
The adjustment between the upper roller and the material can take place by means of traction springs or by pneumatic pistons; the rollers are also available in various sizes (from 50 to 1000 mm) and different diameters (32, 60 or 110 mm), adapting to different material thicknesses (from 0,5 to 10 mm). In this way, the application fields also extend, for example, to progressive molding, small metal parts and motor lamination. With these new systems, the company thus aims to expand its market, maintaining competitive prices and still ensuring maximum quality.

SPRAY SYSTEMS However, the product on which DieTronic focuses the most this year is the new Promax spray system, a device that allows automatic strip lubrication, with the possibility to select only specific areas on which applying the product. Its configuration is simple and flexible: the standard system consists of a spray box available in various sizes (from 200 to 800 mm), and a 24 lt pressurized tank, which can be easily interchanged, also making it possible to manage more oils. The company has also provided additional components, which can be incorporated in the basic machinery: a suction system to remove any oily mists that could form during the spraying phase, a waste product recovery system so as not to disperse excess oil, and the Promax-die, which allows any re -lubrication of some specific points of the mold. In this sense, the Promax is proposed as an alternative to spray simply but effectively for the same applications mentioned above, but which exploits all the advantages of spray lubrication at an affordable price.

The common feature of both proposals, as well as all the other DieTronic systems, is to grant a correct and controlled application of lubricant, so that the sheet receives the optimal amount of product in the most critical points, without causing scratches and streaks that could impact on the quality of the finished product. In addition to this, another aspect not to be underestimated is the healthiness of the work environment, which with greater control over lubrication is cleaner and safer for operators. Finally, nevertheless the benefits in terms of higher productivity, significant reduction in oil and energy consumption, fewer waste and less frequent need for maintenance or repair of tools must be considered. “


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