📜DieTronic on the March issue of Lamiera!

Don’t miss our article on ‘Lubrication Solutions for Metalforming Processes‘ published on page 95 of the March edition of Lamiera magazine:

“Problems related to improper lubrication can be easily solved by employing a controlled lubrication system, which ensures that all essential areas receive adequate lubrication, while avoiding unnecessary product overdose, keeping the working environment safe and reducing the lubricant consumption from 50 to 90%.


DieTronic’s unique and patented technology aims to provide complete and precise lubrication for effective protection of the final product. This also brings benefits in terms of higher productivity, a significant reduction in waste products and not least a lower need for maintenance or repair of tools. In this regard, DieTronic’s goal for over 20 years has been to provide high-quality controlled lubrication systems and to develop cutting-edge solutions that follow the ever-changing technological trends in the field.


To meet all the different needs of its customers, DieTronic has created a wide selection of products in its portfolio, which ranges from simple felt roller lubrication systems to semi-automatic and automatic spray systems, covering all the main applications of metal-forming and profiling industry.


With a variety of possible configurations, DieTronic systems are capable of applying lubricant to one or both sides of the sheet, in widths from 50 to 2000mm and thicknesses from 0.2 to 12mm. Furthermore, its systems are compatible with the part of the lubricants on the market (pure low, medium and high viscosity products, as well as emulsifiable and evaporable products) with different options for dispensing more lubricant (from the use of pressurized tanks to the use of pumps). Depending on the needs, the lubrication units can also be integrated with further options, for example the oil mist suction system to reduce any oil dispersion that could form during spraying and disperse in the air, or a small tank to collect waste products, as well as other elements that can be integrated. “


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