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Don’t miss our article on the July issue on page 29 of the magazine Tube&Pipe:

“What DieTronic has been developing in the last 15 years of activity is a complete solution against the well-known issue of oxidation on tubes and pipes: a quite frequent problem for tube manufacturers, particularly common during transport and long periods of outdoor stockage with great changes in temperature. In this regard, rust is a problem that shall not be overlooked as results into a poor product quality that may lead, in worst cases, to have to reject a great amount of production.

To avoid this, DieTronic has designed a complete anticorrosion solution, which comprise cleaning of coil, cleaning of welded tube, anticorrosive spraying system and saw blade lubrication unit.

The first device proposed is the Coil Cleaning system that, placed before the tube forming section, ensures the cleaning of the coil thanks to the use of an upper and a lower roller with rotating brushes. The next essential unit, located after the forming and the welding section, is the Tube Cleaner system, which allows a first deep pre-cleaning, especially important for very dirty tubes, through the use of solvents or water-based products; after that, a pneumatic Air Knife, placed at the entrance of the Antirust system, is usually always provided, as it blows air directly on the tube, preparing a perfectly clean and dry tube surface, thus optimizing the later application of anticorrosive fluids.

After these first three useful accessories, the real Antirust spraying machine comes into play: the system was conceived and enhanced over the years to apply the rust preventive oil (RPO) in an automatic and precise way, thanks to the possibility to set the desired amount of anticorrosive product in g/m2 (from 0,5 to 10 g/ m2) from the operator touch-screen panel, in a very easy and intuitive way.

In this sense, the Antirust is able to spray the right amount of product in a constant and homogenous way, covering the whole tube surface and adjusting the RPO quantity to apply automatically and proportionally to the line speed, detected thanks to the presence of an encoder.

As a result, the system does not only grant an excellent application quality and a complete tube protection against rusting, but it also consistently decreases the consumption of anticorrosive fluids, which can be reduced up to the 80% thanks to its distinguishing design.

To enhance even more the features of this unique tool, this year main goal is the launch of a new Antirust with some innovative aspects, following the 4.0 manufacturing industry trend.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Antirust 4.0 and don’t miss the November Tube&Pipe issue, with special focus on the Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) technique for the Saw Blade.”


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