💦 Tube Cleaner System

DieTronic has designed a device expecially useful for very dirty tubes, for example in the automotive field: a special Tube Cleaner System that, by using solvents or water-based products at a controlled temperature, allows a deeper cleaning of tubes

The system is conceived for tubes of different shapes and dimensions and is thought to be placed before the Antirust System, for an optimized application of rust preventive fluids on your tubes and pipes.




But how does it work?

The Tube Cleaner is made up of three main components:

  • touch-screen control cabinetfrom which is possible to control all the main cleaning parameters
  • 40 lt tank
  • a tray with 5 cleaning stages.

The tray is provided with moulds with a central hole of differents sizes, through which the pipe can run and on which 4 canalizations dispense the cleaning oil.

This allows to easily replace the moulds according to the tubes that need to be cleaned.

Furthermore, two other holes, one for cleaning and maintenance and another for the automatic drainage allow to recover the dispensed product and the dirtiness coming from the tube.


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Your DieTronic Team


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