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In this new publication, on the Italian trade magazine, Lamiera, we discuss about our Sagomax system. A product that merge the flexibility of the most basic spray system, Promax, with the technology of the Sagoma‚Äôs system Read the full article: Technology and flexibility: these were the prerequisites for the design by the DieTronic R&D Team of the Sagomax lubrication system For over 20 years, DieTronic has been active in the metal forming and stamping industry, designing and developing advanced lubrication systems in line with the latest production trends and market requirements. For this reason, the company decided to use the showcase offered by the Blech Expo trade fair in Stuttgart to present its innovative Sagomax lubrication system. For DieTronic, it is in fact a well-established tradition to present its innovations during trade fairs, and especially during the autumn events in Stuttgart. This is thanks to the constant work of the Research & Development team, expanded in 2023, which aims to make ever more significant improvements to its lubrication systems; innovations that enable the company to meet the new demands emerging from the market. Targeted and correct pattern lubrication To those who are already familiar with DieTronic and its technology, the name of the new system, Sagomax, will undoubtedly remind them of Sagoma¬ģ, one of the most popular products in the entire range of spray lubrication systems.The Sagomax makes it possible to combine the possibility of pattern lubrication with the need for a low price level – a concern that affects both small and large manufacturers. With a technical level of a certain importance, the Sagomax system is mainly intended for manufacturers of components for household appliances and car manufacturers. DieTronic combined the flexibility of the more basic Promax spraying system – which was presented at last year’s EuroBlech trade fair – with the technology of the Sagoma¬ģ system (sector lubrication system). This new system has been created for those customers who only need to select specific areas of the sheet metal to be lubricated, thus allowing the selection of square-shaped patterns, each measuring 100×100 mm. This makes it possible, on the one side, to achieve a more targeted and correct application of the lubricating oil in the places where it is really needed and, on the other side, to use only the necessary lubricant without wasting product. Flexibility, the heart of the system The peculiarity, and thus the distinguishing feature of the Sagomax compared to other DieTronic systems in the same price range, is the use of technology patented in 2017 and used effectively so far only in the Sagoma¬ģ system: each of the nozzles used, which are exceptionally equipped with an electric oil quantity modulation valve, can be controlled independently of the others and can be activated in different working modes. Flexibility – another important connotation of the system – lies in the fact that the nozzles can be placed in a frame in the most standard configuration, but in the case of special customer requirements the valves are placed on a bar or mobile brackets. The design of the frame and the spray box is specifically designed to prevent the drops of nebulised oil that are sprayed – and some of which remain as residue inside the spray box – from falling onto the sheet metal being processed. In this way, it is not necessary to equip the Sagomax with a suction system; instead, it is sufficient to connect a small tank to collect excess oil, to keep the working environment clean and safe. The Sagomax can also work with two or more different oils, in which case it is equipped with a special flushing unit for cleaning the circuits (to be carried out at oil change), so that the valves and tubes are not contaminated: this ensures better quality lubrication. Thanks to these features, the economical Sagomax sector lubrication solution manages to retain the patented ‘Premium’ technology of the Sagoma system, but with a simpler and more flexible structure like that of the Promax system. The solution even for coil processing Next to the Sagomax, DieTronic will once again bring the Promax system to the German trade fair (after its success in 2022), but with the addition of the Lubo Die, a system that was initially conceived as an accessory to the Promax, but – following customer requests – has now also been made available separately in a new, upgraded version. The Promax is aimed at progressive die feed lines and thus at coil processing. It is one of DieTronic’s best-selling and most popular controlled lubrication systems, which enables automatic spray lubrication, allowing only certain areas (in this case striped) to be selected for lubricating oil application. The configuration is very easy and flexible: the standard system is composed of a spray box available in various sizes (from 200 to 800 mm depending on the parts to be processed), and a 24-litre pressurised tank, which can be easily interchanged, in case more than one oil is used. The closed design of the spray heads and the reduced distance from the sheet metal ensure greater application precision and containment of overspray. Up to sixteen attachable nozzles Up to four nozzles in the basic version, and up to sixteen in the advanced version, can be connected to the Lubo-die, which is ideal for the lubrication of small, precise and specific points on the mould, thanks to special multipliers. For positioning the nozzles, DieTronic has devised magnetic holders (for attaching the nozzles to the press, so that they can also be moved as required) and extensions (so that more critical points can be reached). When combined with a Promax, the Lubo-die system allows re-lubrication of only specific points of the mould. Just like the Promax, the Lubo-die stands out for its versatility and practicality: when changing the mould, for example, you can leave the valves positioned on it, disconnect them and set up the new mould with the spray valves already in place and then connect the new valves


Don’t miss the May issue dedicated to the Lamiera Trade Fair on page. 111 and the interview with our Sales Manager on page. 192-193, for the occasion of the 20th anniversary of DieTronic activity. SPECIAL SHEET METAL FAIR Controlled and professional lubrication systems Hall 13, Booth D07 ‚Äú2023 represents a special year for DieTronic, a company based in Lodi and specialized in the production of oiling systems for metal stamping and forming industry. In fact, this year Dietronic celebrates its 20th year of activity and the Lamiera fair will be the right occasion to give prestige to this milestone and to illustrate the developments and innovations of these recent months. Versatile and easy to apply lubrication After the positive feedback collected last year, the Promax strip lubrication system is still confirmed as a favorite in the varied range of DieTronic products and will be the protagonist during the exhibition: versatility and ease of use are its two distinctive and most appreciated features. This device, as well as all the other oiling systems in the company’s portfolio, grants a correct and controlled application of lubricant, so that the sheet receives the optimal quantity of product in the most critical points, without causing scratches and defects which could impact the quality of the finished product. In addition to this, another aspect that should not be underestimated is the healthiness of the work environment, which with greater control over lubrication is cleaner and safer for operators. Finally, the long-term benefits that controlled and professional lubrication systems can bring must also be considered: i.e. greater productivity, a significant reduction in oil and energy consumption, fewer scraps and less frequent need for maintenance or repairs of tools. Simple and flexible configuration More in detail, the Promax system has been designed to provide controlled strip lubrication, allowing you to select the desired amount of lubricant from 0.5 to 5 g/m2, only certain areas of the sheet metal surface. The configuration is deliberately very simple and flexible: the standard system consists of a spray box available in various sizes (from 200 to 800 mm depending on the sheet to be processed), and a 24 l pressurized tank, which can be easily interchanged, making it possible to manage even more oils. The company has also provided additional components, which may or may not be incorporated into the basic machinery: a suction system to remove any oil mists that could form during the spraying, a waste product recovery system to avoid dispersing the excess oil, and the Lubo-die unit, which allows a possible re-lubrication of some specific points, typically of the die. In this sense, Promax is proposed as an effective solution especially for those who want to approach the technology and the advantages of automatic spray lubrication systems.‚ÄĚ INTERVIEW ‚ÄúSpecialized in the production of lubrication and anti-rust protection systems for pipes and profiles, a company that has always paid great attention to innovation. Giovanni Amato, Sales Manager of DieTronic Srl tells us more about this reality: Which features define your reality the most? The two closely connected aspects that most characterize DieTronic are the strong specialization and the propensity for innovation. As a company specialized in the field of lubrication, we have always paid great attention to innovation: from the early years, in the development phase of our technology, and still today, in the constant and conscious updating of the tools used. In other words, we’ve been getting our hands dirty with oil for over 20 years, so we know what we’re talking about and we don’t shy away from challenges and innovations. What are your future goals? Our main mission is not only to produce high quality systems, but also to ensure a high level service in all phases, from information communication to after-sales service. Our goal is to be attentive to customer needs, providing valid support and continuous coaching for the success of the projects. How do you move in a market like the current one? Compared to a few years ago, the market has profoundly changed in terms of presence and methods. By presence I mean that it is increasingly important to work on a global scale, because by now we are dealing with the whole world. In addition, to live up to the various requests you need to be dynamic and timely, especially in customer support and assistance, without neglecting precision and professionalism. How do you manage to keep up with industry and market evolutions? The best way is to participate in trade fairs or industry conferences, to listen to market needs and have constant dialogue with other companies. Even with our agents and collaborators, we are committed to setting out regular moments for discussion and reflection. Finally, to have a fresher look at the world, we always favor the inclusion of young people in our team. What answers do you offer to today’s greatest customer needs? With the frenzied and unstoppable pace of today’s world, it is increasingly important to provide reliable and effective products. It is essential to encourage automation, to relieve operators of many responsibilities and ensure accuracy and repeatability of the process. This also translates into ease of use and extremely functional systems, minimizing the need for maintenance. What characterizes your current offer? Our current offer is divided into various proposals according to the needs. In recent times we have been moving more towards a standardization of the available models, each one dedicated to specific processes. This helps us to grant adequate and timely deliveries, as well as facilitating the management and availability of spare parts and components also in the long term. At the same time we have maintained the imprint with which we were born, designing tailor-made solutions when required. Which novelties are you presenting in this period? A novelty of this last period is our product extension also outside our classic applications. In the company development phase we focused more on creating an advanced and consolidated technology, well suited to household appliance and automotive molding, our

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🎉 Double unmissable appointment soon at 📍 RHO FIERA MILANO: MADE-IN-STEEL, the International Conference & Exhibition dedicated to the steel supply chain 🗓️ MAY 9-11, 2023 👉🏻 HALL 22, STAND N49 LAMIERA, the international event dedicated to the machine tool industry for sheet metal forming and cutting 🗓️ MAY 10-13, 2023 👉🏻 HALL 13, STAND D07 The two close and almost contemporary trade fairs are very different in terms of application areas and will represent two important appointments for DieTronic: We are waiting for you to show you all our applications and the latest news on the market! 🤝 Your Dietronic Team

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  The latest news this year is the collaboration with TAKECO ENGINEERING (THAILAND) CO., LTD.   Located in Bangkok, with wide ranging contact network throughout South East Asia, thanks to its over 30 years of experience in the steel pipe manufacturing, our partner can offer full Sales & Service coverage for our Antirust Spray Technology in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar & Philippines. We are all thrilled to start this new collaboration and grow up together in this market! 🎉 For any inquiry do not hesitate to reach Takeco Team, they‚Äôll be very glad to provide you all the necessary support and assistance!   TAKECO ENGINEERING (THAILAND) CO., LTD. 81/2 ¬†Moo 2, Bangnumjeud, Muang Samutsakorn, Samutsakorn 74000 ‚ÄďThailand www.takeco.com ; info@takeco.com

📜 Special article dedicated to the upcoming fair LAMIERA 2022

On the special edition dedicated to the upcoming Lamiera fair, which will be held at Rho Fiera in Milan from the 18th to 21st of May, DieTronic talks about the latest technological innovations that will present during the event: “DieTronic will be among the participants of the fair Lamiera 2022 in Milan. The company, which has been operating in the sheet metal stamping sector for years offering solutions for lubrication, takes this opportunity to present its innovations to professionals in the field. ROLL SYSTEMS One of these news concerns the expansion of the catalog of roller systems, in which lubrication takes place by means of two rollers, one upper and one lower, through which the lubricating oil is delivered during the passage of the sheet. The adjustment between the upper roller and the material can take place by means of traction springs or by pneumatic pistons; the rollers are also available in various sizes (from 50 to 1000 mm) and different diameters (32, 60 or 110 mm), adapting to different material thicknesses (from 0,5 to 10 mm). In this way, the application fields also extend, for example, to progressive molding, small metal parts and motor lamination. With these new systems, the company thus aims to expand its market, maintaining competitive prices and still ensuring maximum quality. SPRAY SYSTEMS However, the product on which DieTronic focuses the most this year is the new Promax spray system, a device that allows automatic strip lubrication, with the possibility to select only specific areas on which applying the product. Its configuration is simple and flexible: the standard system consists of a spray box available in various sizes (from 200 to 800 mm), and a 24 lt pressurized tank, which can be easily interchanged, also making it possible to manage more oils. The company has also provided additional components, which can be incorporated in the basic machinery: a suction system to remove any oily mists that could form during the spraying phase, a waste product recovery system so as not to disperse excess oil, and the Promax-die, which allows any re -lubrication of some specific points of the mold. In this sense, the Promax is proposed as an alternative to spray simply but effectively for the same applications mentioned above, but which exploits all the advantages of spray lubrication at an affordable price. The common feature of both proposals, as well as all the other DieTronic systems, is to grant a correct and controlled application of lubricant, so that the sheet receives the optimal amount of product in the most critical points, without causing scratches and streaks that could impact on the quality of the finished product. In addition to this, another aspect not to be underestimated is the healthiness of the work environment, which with greater control over lubrication is cleaner and safer for operators. Finally, nevertheless the benefits in terms of higher productivity, significant reduction in oil and energy consumption, fewer waste and less frequent need for maintenance or repair of tools must be considered. “

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DieTronic is happily announcing its return at Lamiera 2022 Fair, from the 18th to the 21th of May! 🥳️ We take this occasion to present our new spray lubrication system Promax, which is able to guarantee an high quality strip lubrication at a really competitive price! 💰 We are waiting you to find out all advantages and applications of the Promax system at Booth C12 in the pavillon 13 👋🏻 Come to visit us! 🎉  

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Don’t miss our article on ‘Lubrication Solutions for Metalforming Processes‘ published on page 95 of the March edition of Lamiera magazine: “Problems related to improper lubrication can be easily solved by employing a controlled lubrication system, which ensures that all essential areas receive adequate lubrication, while avoiding unnecessary product overdose, keeping the working environment safe and reducing the lubricant consumption from 50 to 90%. ¬† DieTronic’s unique and patented technology aims to provide complete and precise lubrication for effective protection of the final product. This also brings benefits in terms of higher productivity, a significant reduction in waste products and not least a lower need for maintenance or repair of tools. In this regard, DieTronic’s goal for over 20 years has been to provide high-quality controlled lubrication systems and to develop cutting-edge solutions that follow the ever-changing technological trends in the field. ¬† To meet all the different needs of its customers, DieTronic has created a wide selection of products in its portfolio, which ranges from simple felt roller lubrication systems to semi-automatic and automatic spray systems, covering all the main applications of metal-forming and profiling industry. ¬† With a variety of possible configurations, DieTronic systems are capable of applying lubricant to one or both sides of the sheet, in widths from 50 to 2000mm and thicknesses from 0.2 to 12mm. Furthermore, its systems are compatible with the part of the lubricants on the market (pure low, medium and high viscosity products, as well as emulsifiable and evaporable products) with different options for dispensing more lubricant (from the use of pressurized tanks to the use of pumps). Depending on the needs, the lubrication units can also be integrated with further options, for example the oil mist suction system to reduce any oil dispersion that could form during spraying and disperse in the air, or a small tank to collect waste products, as well as other elements that can be integrated. “

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In order to ensure the continuous efficiency of our systems, we are offering our customers an annual scheduled maintenance programme, that through the inspection of one of our service technician, allows you to grant the correct functioning of your system, reducing the risk of possible unexpected problems on the machine, which could lead, in the worst cases, to having to stop the entire line and to wait for the first availability of a specialist. By planning your maintenance in advance, you can decide the date that suits you best, saving time and money! What are you waiting for? To find out more and request your customized maintenance programme, write us to ✉️sales@dietronic.eu

🏆EcoVadis 2020: DieTronic receives Bronze supplier rating for Corporate Social Responsibility

We are happy to announce that DieTronic has received a Bronze rating from EcoVadis, the global business sustainability ratings organisation, that annually assesses companies‚Äô performance on international sustainability standards. The valuation gives companies and organizations the opportunity to compare suppliers in terms of environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. In this regard, DieTronic was among the 50% of the companies that obtained the best scores, winning the bronze medal. Proud of this year‚Äôs result, we will strive as supplier to consolidate and improve it, reflecting the company’s increasing attention to sustainability issues. Best regards, Your DieTronic Team

Sword Brush Cleaning Technology

In recent years, the Sword Brush Dry Cleaning method is emerging as the most requested solution in the automotive field, as an alternative to traditional industrial washing machines. This is expecially true for the production of visible parts of vehicles, where the end products should be of the highest quality and no defects on the blank surface are admitted. But why rather choosing the Sword Brush Dry Cleaning Method? Compared to conventional washing machines, the Brush Cleaning technology presents several advantages, including: Lower investment costs; Improved cleaning performance (reduced dust, oil marks and other residual); Less operation and maintenance costs ¬†(energy consumption, replacement of rollers and other parts, ‚Ķ); Compatibility with all kinds of blanks (steel, black steel, galvanised, aluminium, tailored blanks, ‚Ķ) Small footprint and easy integration¬†in new and existing lines. For all these reasons, DieTronic has been collaborating with the well-known German company Wandres for several years and is its official distributor in Italy, for all applications involving sheet metal cleaning. In addition, to offer a complete solution, DieTronic designs and supplies customers around the world with the well-known Combi system, which combines linear brush cleaning technology with sector spray lubrication. Don’t miss the related videos available on our Youtube channel Write to us at sales@dietronic.eu: we will be happy to assist you with further questions and / or to analyze your specific needs. Your DieTronic team,

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