🌍 We’re happy to extend our Tube&Pipe network! 🌍

  The latest news this year is the collaboration with TAKECO ENGINEERING (THAILAND) CO., LTD.   Located in Bangkok, with wide ranging contact network throughout South East Asia, thanks to its over 30 years of experience in the steel pipe manufacturing, our partner can offer full Sales & Service coverage for our Antirust Spray Technology […]

📜DieTronic on the March issue of Lamiera!

Don’t miss our article on ‘Lubrication Solutions for Metalforming Processes‘ published on page 95 of the March edition of Lamiera magazine: “Problems related to improper lubrication can be easily solved by employing a controlled lubrication system, which ensures that all essential areas receive adequate lubrication, while avoiding unnecessary product overdose, keeping the working environment safe […]

🔎📜DieTronic on the July issue of Tube&Pipe Magazine

Don’t miss our article on the July issue on page 29 of the magazine Tube&Pipe: “What DieTronic has been developing in the last 15 years of activity is a complete solution against the well-known issue of oxidation on tubes and pipes: a quite frequent problem for tube manufacturers, particularly common during transport and long periods […]

🎥 NEW VIDEO SAGOMA Lubrication System with Automation

In addition to the classic advantages of the SAGOMA patterned spray lubrication system, the latest solution proposed by DieTronic optimizes even further the system performance thanks to the presence of the automation (destacker, infeed conveyors, outfeed conveyors): “Today I will present to you a special SAGOMA sectorial spray lubrication systemintegrated with a blank destacker, infeed, […]

💦External Unit for the Cleaning of the Sprayheads💦

The External and Automatic Cleaning Unit of the Sprayheads is an auxiliary device that Dietronic is offering to its customers to carry out off-line maintenance and cleaning operations of the sprayheads that form the lubrication systems.   Its placement on a mobile trolley makes this solution versatile and adaptable for both new or existing lines. […]