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Sull’edizione di settembre della rivista “Strojarstvo: Journal of Theory and Application in Mechanical Engineering” è stato pubblicato un articolo dedicato alla tecnologia all’avanguardia di DieTronic.

Segue la traduzione in inglese dell’articolo completo:

Over the last decades, the quality standards in the metal forming industry have increased and increased. In particular, the overall economic efficiency of stamping and the search for environmentally friendly solutions.

This trend was also influenced by ancillary stamping operations involving lubrication, especially when working with high-precision stamping operations such as face parts, where much attention is paid to details.

Electrolux, based in Italy, a leader in home appliance production, has faced this change with the help of DieTronic.

For more than 15 years, the DieTronic team has been specializing in innovating stamping processes in the world’s leading manufacturers, making it one of the leading companies in the field of controlled lubrication.

The press manager gives us his testimony of the advantages of these systems.

What made you decide to upgrade your lubrication unit?

We were in a phase where we focused on fully automating production processes, optimizing production and minimizing human resources.

Our goal, especially in the field of pressing, was to reduce the demands on consumables, because it was absolutely clear that increasing the consumption of lubricants does not lead to an increase in quality; These were especially excessive contamination, damage to the surfaces of parts and related scrap.

In the past, we used a pre-pressurized lubrication system that had an uncontrolled high oil consumption.

When we switched to the DieTronic controlled lubrication system, the annual consumption decreased from 12 barrels of oil to 1 barrel per year.

You have decided to invest in DieTronic. What was the reason that made you decide to change the way you mold lubrication?

Our starting point was roller lubrication on some production lines and centralized lubrication on other production lines. Mr. Giovanni Amato gave us complete consultations on how to improve our situation, starting with the type of oil used, system adaptation and other requirements, such as integration into our existing line.

So I would say it is a great advantage to work with auto-lubrication specialists who look at the production process as a whole and not just focus on the short-term problem you have right now, but help you choose a solution that will meet your future needs .

Of course there are other pressing problems, but many of them can be solved very quickly and inexpensively by fully automating precision-controlled DieTronic lubrication.

Why did you choose the Sagoma model, Dietronic’s highest range of controlled lubrication?

If you don’t have to coat the entire surface of the material with oil, then Sagoma is the best solution for you. The idea of ​​lubricating only the areas to be molded with the exact amount of oil, instead of using oil rollers that cover the entire surface, or pressure nozzles spraying oil uncontrolled into the mold, indeed positively affects the molding process. In addition, there is no contamination of the belt, robot or mold. This system makes it easy to select the area to be oiled from a minimum size of 50×50 mm on the touch screen. The amount of lubricant required is indicated by 8 different colors and can be stored and changed each time.

What were the immediate and long-term benefits of this installation?

The first thing we noticed immediately was the difference in the working environment, before we had oil mist and oil spills everywhere, leading to a dangerous and unhealthy environment. With DieTronic systems, oil is only sprayed where necessary and the advanced oil mist extraction system completely eliminates it. Another advantage is the truly great saving of oil, spraying in thin layers only where required, reduces oil consumption to a minimum and thus brings considerable money savings.

We have adapted the production line using a new double-tank lubrication that gives us the ability to have more than one type of oil in two different tanks, so when we need to switch from one type of oil to another, we don’t have to stop production. The oils are stored separately so there is no risk of contamination and the change of lubricant is very easy and completely automatic.

In the long run, there has been a huge reduction in mold maintenance costs; in the past, mold maintenance cost us a lot of money, but after the introduction of controlled lubrication, these costs have dropped sharply.

DieTronic cites one of the main advantages of its solution to reduce scrap and minimize downtime. Have you noticed any improvements in this respect?

Yes, they did. Before the installation of the new lubrication system on the press line, we had 1012 downtime and 7776 pieces of scrap for technical reasons. After installing the new lubrication system, we had 308 technical downtime and 3038 pieces went to scrap.

These benefits have been reported by most sheet metal forming companies that have implemented the DieTronic system, especially in the home appliance sector and automotive industries.

The benefits of a controlled lubrication system are even more visible in a longer period of time when they further increase production efficiency by reducing maintenance downtime by both operators and technicians as well as die wear.

DieTronic controlled lubrication increases die productivity, reduces downtime and eliminates unwanted tool wear to a minimum.


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