Sword Brush Cleaning Technology

In recent years, the Sword Brush Dry Cleaning method is emerging as the most requested solution in the automotive field, as an alternative to traditional industrial washing machines. This is expecially true for the production of visible parts of vehicles, where the end products should be of the highest quality and no defects on the blank surface are admitted.

But why rather choosing the Sword Brush Dry Cleaning Method?

Compared to conventional washing machines, the Brush Cleaning technology presents several advantages, including:

  • Lower investment costs;
  • Improved cleaning performance (reduced dust, oil marks and other residual);
  • Less operation and maintenance costs  (energy consumption, replacement of rollers and other parts, …);
  • Compatibility with all kinds of blanks (steel, black steel, galvanised, aluminium, tailored blanks, …)
  • Small footprint and easy integration in new and existing lines.

For all these reasons, DieTronic has been collaborating with the well-known German company Wandres for several years and is its official distributor in Italy, for all applications involving sheet metal cleaning.

In addition, to offer a complete solution, DieTronic designs and supplies customers around the world with the well-known Combi system, which combines linear brush cleaning technology with sector spray lubrication.

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