MM Industrial Spectrum, the most important Czech journal of mechanical engineering published a short article about Dietronic Webinar on ‚The importance of an accurate Lubricant Application in Metal-forming Processes‘ that was held on the 19th of May.

This initiative is part of a series of online webinars, organized with the support of our partner company Exinco, to replace the Technology Days 2020 conference.

Being adressed to various companies operating in the Czech Republic stamping market, the event was presented in English with direct translation into Czech language. The various presentations dealt with insights regarding the technology employed in the field of sheet metal deformation and were exhibited by representatives of different Italian Leading companies: besides DieTronic, Zani Spa, SanGiacomo Presse, Cesare Galdabini Spa and Iron srl also took part to the initiative.

As manufacturer of controlled lubrication systems, our presentation first treated the risks associated with unprofessional lubrication in sheet metal forming processes. These are mainly the contamination of the working environment and the associated possibility of injury for the operators, the low quality of manufactured parts, the degradation of forming tools and the equipment itself and the high costs of lubricants and maintenance of production machines. On the contrary, by using controlled lubrication, all these risks can be easily avoided.

The benefits of a more controlled lubricant dosing are reported with the support of data provided by DieTronic customers, who managed to quantify the consumption and savings noted after the introduction of these systems: the quantified cost optimization exceeds 138,000 euros per year (approximately 60% savings on the normal consumption).


In the second part of the Webinar, a short overview of DieTronic’s product portfolio was presented: the Speed ​​MCL is the solution specifically designed for high-speed presses; the machines of the LCP and Sagoma Series allow respectively the application of lubricant in strips and sectors; finally, the Combi system combines the use of brushes for the cleaning of the blank surface with sectorial lubrication technology, to ensure even a more accurate lubrication performance. This last solution is mainly addressed to OEM companies operating in the automotive industry.

To discover more about the topic or our products, do not hesitate to write us to we will be glad to inform you about the next planned Webinar or propose you a personalized video conference.

Your DieTronic Team


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