The rise of OEM Combi B&L machines

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The number of Dietronic Combined Brush Cleaning & Lubricating system provided to OEM automotive producers is increasing more and more: only in the last 2 months we have supplied two COMBI machines for 2 important car manufacturing industries worldwide.

The first headed to the new PSA plant in Morocco, where it was installed in an AIDA press line, while the second one was sold to the Korean press line manufacturer Hyundai Rotem and is planned to be installed in Kia Sohari plant in India.

The two machines have been completely adapted to the customer needs, although maintaining the Dietronic features that allow easy management and maintenance from the operators.

Being brand new systems, the operators have been fully trained to this new concept of cleaning and oiling and to the usage of the whole automatic functions, remaining completely satisified with their new system.


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